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15+ Free Cool Chalkboard fonts

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We can see thousands of typographic artworks roaming around the internet showing different styles of chalkboard designs. Because of their appealing look, more and more designers are engaging themselves in making their own masterpieces – and we can’t deny it…this is also a must-try style for every artist.
One of the reasons that chalkboard art is a click to most of us seeing it maybe because it reminds us of the lessons that once our teachers taught us, or just maybe because of its classic minimalist, yet trendy, style which is more than enough in catching our attentions.
However, chalkboard art is not as easy as they may look because like in the real world, you have to find the perfect chalk and board to scribble your perfect work of art – and in this case of digital world, choosing the right font is one of the things that matters.

While experimenting different techniques of designing is a must for every designer to help you unlock your hidden potentials, one thing you must never take for granted in exploration is how various fonts can be a very useful element in giving more meaning to your work.

Choosing the right font is like putting a part of a picture puzzle that if you don’t get it right, the result is never going to be as beautiful as you have expected. If you are a designer, then for sure you knew that choosing the right typefaces to be used in your masterpiece has a huge importance on its over-all impact.
And because this chalkboard style has taken over the internet, many graphic websites and bloggers came out featuring their own awesome bundles of font packages, leaving our heads spinning and confused of which is the best to use.
For the beginners, in choosing fonts you should think a strong impression about how you want your work to look like and how you want your audience to feel about it. And most importantly, whatever choice you made always make sure there is good pair of legibility and readability.
Here are some of the best free of chalkboard fonts compiled for your easy reference. Start making your own masterpiece now!

Sketch Book

Sketch Book

Ecuyer DAX

Ecuyer DAX

Handwriting Draft






1 font on DaFont for chalk line


1 font on DaFont for birmingham


1 font on DaFont for DK Kwark




DaFont for Kraft nine


KG Second Chances


Candy Inc


Return To Sender


Road Movie


DK Carte Blanche font


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