20 Wedding Typography

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Planning for the big day can be a difficult ordeal. If you’re thinking of having a unique wedding invite, there’s no need to stress yourself out. You can personalize your invite (or ask a designer to do so) by designing typography to spell out the details of your lovely wedding. To help you out, we have listed twenty fonts which you can use for inspiration and even download to use as part of your very own wedding typography. Each link will lead you to the download page and more details on the font.

#1 – Precious Regular

Precious Regular

#2 – Adine Kirnberg Regular

Adine Kirnberg Regular

#3 – Alex Brush Regular

Alex Brush Regular

#4 – Alisandra Demo Regular

Alisandra Demo Regular

#5 – ALS Script Regular

ALS Script Regular

#6 – Arabella Regular

Arabella Regular

#7 – Brock Script Regular

Brock Script Regular

#8 – Brotherhood Script

Brotherhood Script

#9 – Dancing Script Regular TTF

Dancing Script Regular TTF

#10 – Darleston


#11 – Distant Stroke

Distant Stroke

#12 – Formal Script Medium

Formal Script Medium

#13 – Herr Von Muellerhoff Regular

Herr Von Muellerhoff Regular

#14 – Janda Celebration Script Regular

Janda Celebration Script Regular

#15 – MF Queen Leela Regular

MF Queen Leela Regular

#16 – Miss Fajardose Regular

Miss Fajardose

#17 – Mr Dafoe Regular

Mr Dafoe Regular

#18 – Mrs Saint Delafield Regular

Mrs Saint Delafield Regular

#19 – Trajan Pro Bold

Trajan Pro Bold

#20 – Alexandria


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