20 Typography for Watercolor

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Typography is an important aspect of any design. Designers must make sure that it fits the concept being brought out through the design, and it is a great tool to use to tie all the elements of a project together. A style that has gained popularity recently is watercolor typography. It is often seen used for designs featuring quotes, although it can also be used on the main text of other material such as print ads. If you want to explore creating a design for a project using watercolor typography, you can start by checking out the twenty fonts we have listed below. Clicking on a link will lead you to the download page with license information.

#1 – Brushstrike


#2 – River drive

River drive

#3 – Pennellino


#4 – DK Sensory Overload

DK Sensory Overload

#5 – Surfing Capital

Surfing Capital

#6 – Levi Brush

Levi Brush

#7 – Edo SZ

Edo SZ

#8 – Les Sensations de Cerise

Les Sensations de Cerise

#9 – La Compagnie Des Ombres

La Compagnie

#10 – DK Liquid Embrace

DK Liquid Embrace

#11 – Movus BrushPen

Movus BrushPen

#12 – Brush Strokes

Brush Strokes

#13 – Painted


#14 – Art Brewery

Art Brewery

#15 – Gypsy Brush

Gypsy Brush

#16 – Appo Paint

Appo Paint

#17 – The Lost Paintings

The Lost Paintings

#18 – The Hit

The Hit

#19 – Sticky Things

Sticky Things

#20 – Rockers


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