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20 Star Icon Vectors

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Icons are a must in most design work for apps and websites. For example, star icons can be used as review or rating, bookmark and favorite buttons (among other things). If you need an element like the ones listed above in the project you are working on, you can choose from the many icons available online. To save you the trouble of looking through hundreds of pages of icons, we have listed down twenty star icon vectors which are clean and easy to use for all types of design work. Check them out below:

#1 – Rate star button

Rate star button

#2 – Bookmark star

Bookmark star

#3 – Metacafe logo

Metacafe logo

#4 – Stars group

Stars group

#5 – Favorite Mark

Favorite Mark

#6 – Starry doodle

Starry doodle

#7 – Stars weather symbol of three shapes

Stars weather symbol of three shapes

#8 – Star outline favorite interface symbol

Star outline favorite interface symbol

#9 – Stars


#10 – Shooting star

Shooting star

#11 – Favorites star sketch

Favorites star sketch

#12 – Favorites star outline

Badge with a star

#13 – Badge with a star

Favorites star outline

#14 – Kaixin101 logotype of a smiling star

Kaixin101 logotype of a smiling star

#15 – Star stroke

Star stroke

#16 – Shooting star shape

Shooting star shape

#17 – Shine Star

Shine Star

#18 – Christmas stars

Christmas stars

#19 – Shooting stars

Shooting stars

#20 – Pentagram symbol outline

Pentagram symbol outline

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