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20 School Icon Vectors

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Vectors are great tools for designers as they eliminate the need of creating shapes and forms from scratch and at the same time allow for modification when saved in the right format. If you find yourself needing an icon for campuses, colleges and universities, look no further, because in this entry we share with you twenty school icon vectors which you can use for your design projects, whether you’re working on an app, website or marketing collateral. These icons are downloadable for free on Just click the link of your chosen icon, and you will be led to the download page where you will find more details.

#1 – School


#2 – School


#3 – School building with a flag

School building with a flag

#4 – School building

School building

#5 – School


#6 – Elementary school

Elementary school

 #7 – Elementary School


#8 – School


#9 – School Building

School Building9

#10 – School campus

School campus

#11 – University


#12 – School building

School building12

#13 – High school

High school

#14 – School with a flag

School with a flag

#15 – University with a flag

University with a flag

#16 – Elementary school

 Elementary school 16

#17 – Elementary school

Elementary school 17

#18 – Elementary school

Elementary school18

#19 – University hand drawn building

University hand drawn building

#20 – High school

High school20


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