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20 Radio Icon Vectors

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Add simple yet creative designs to your app or website using the many icon vectors available. If you are creating designs for an app or website that has a radio or music function, there are many icons you can choose from. The twenty we have listed in this entry are just some of them. You can check them out below and see which one you like best and will fit your project. Just click on the link and you will be redirected to the page where you can download the vector file of the icon you chose.

#1 – Radio black tool symbol

Radio black tool symbol

#2 – Radio AM and FM tuner

Radio AM and FM tuner

#3 – Radio


#4 – old radio

old radio

#5 – Classic radio

Classic radio

#6 – Antenna


#7 – Radio tower

Radio tower

#8 – Old radio. Vintage

Old radio. Vintage

#9 – Radio outline with antenna

Radio outline with antenna

#10 – Boom box radio with antenna

Boom box radio with antenna

#11 – Radio Alarm

Radio Alarm

#12 – Radio


#13 – Retro radio device

Retro radio device

#14 – Boom box with controls and settings

Boom box with controls and settings

#15 – Radio


#16 – Radio outline

Radio outline

#17 – Vintage Radio

Vintage Radio

#18 – Radio


#19 – Journalism by radio

Journalism by radio

#20 – Rounded radio box

Rounded radio box

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