20 Nice Star Brushes For Photoshop

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Many people who are used to working with Photoshop are able to use brushes effectively. Brushes are useful tools in creating graphics as you do not need to create elements and flourishes from scratch.

There are many types of brushes available, and it’s up to you to think of what particular type you need, but once you do, you can easily search for them.

In this entry, we present twenty nice brushes that you can use for when you need stars, star light, starbursts or twinkles.

#1 – Star Photoshop Brushes

Star Photoshop Brushes

#2 – Star Brushes

Star Brushes

#3 – Star Brushset by Rabieshund

Star Brushset by Rabieshund

#4 – Ardcor’s Particles and Stars

Ardcor's Particles and Stars

#5 – Ardcor’s Flash Stars

Ardcor's Flash Stars

#6 – Night Sky Brushes

Night Sky Brushes

#7 – 7 Star Burst Brushes

7 Star Burst Brushes

#8 – Stars by hawksmont

Stars by hawksmont

#9 – Starfield & Star Brushes

Starfield & Star Brushes

#10 – Star 2 Brush Pack for Photoshop or Gimp

Star 2 Brush Pack for Photoshop or Gimp

#11 – Shining Stars Brushes

Shining Stars Brushes

#12 – Stars And Flares Brush Set

Stars And Flares Brush Set

#13 – Stars Brush

Stars Brush

#14 – Twinkle Star Brush

Twinkle Star Brush

#15 – 18 Star Brushes

18 Star Brushes

#16 – Stars Brushes by Azrx004

Stars Brushes by Azrx004

#17 – Star Brush Pack PM

Star Brush Pack PM

#18 – Stars And Galaxy Stars Brushes Photoshop

Stars And Galaxy Stars Brushes Photoshop

#19 – 10 Star Brushes

10 Star Brushes

#20 – Brush set: Stars Shine Out

Brush set- Stars Shine Out

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