20 Nice Photoshop Glass Effect Actions and Styles

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Actions and styles are efficient ways to work on designs on Photoshop. Actions allow previously saved sequenced commands to be applied to your work, while styles are saved configurations that can be applied instantly. In this entry, we focus on glass effects that will work great for different types of graphic work. The twenty resources listed below will allow you to apply glass effects to your work using actions or styles, saving you the trouble of having to work from scratch!

#1 – Glass Action

Glass Action

#2 – Glass Background Action Set V2

#3 – Glass Background Action Set V5

#4 – Magnifying Glass Action

magnifying glass action

#5 – Ultra Glass Actions

Ultra Glass Actions

#6 – Glass Background Action Set V3

Glass Background Action Set V3

#7 – ShatteredGlass Action


#8 – Shatter Glass Photoshop Action

#9 – Glassy Layerstyles

Glassy Layerstyles

#10 – Vv Glossy Icy Glass Styles

Vv Glossy Icy Glass Styles

#11 – Premium Glass Styles

Premium Glass Styles

#12 – Photoshop Glass styles

Photoshop Glass styles

#13 – Tainted Glass Styles for PS

Tainted Glass Styles for PS

#14 – Glass Styles For Photoshop

Glass Styles For Photoshop

#15 – Elegant Realistic Glass Style

Elegant Realistic Glass Style

#16 – Glass Crack

Glass Crack

#17 – Transparent Glass Style for PS

Transparent Glass Style for PS

#18 – Glass styles

Glass styles

#19 – 12 Pro Glass Effects

12 Pro Glass Effects

#20 – Glass n Plastic Sphere Actions

glass and plastic

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