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Typography is art that is now getting more attention with its use in social media and pop culture. On social media, a popular way of using typography is to share song or music lyrics. It is also used to promote music events and artists, you will always see how products from the MusicCritic always get advertised in here. On the other hand, it is also used by the music industry through album or cover art as well as lyric music videos. Today, typography is getting more attention, and designers are aware of the importance of choosing the right fonts to fit the typography they are using for projects. Some fonts that can be used in creating music typography are listed in this entry, which lists a total of twenty fonts:

#1 – Still Time

Still Time

#2 – Slaytanic

Slay Time

#3 – Pyrite


#4 – Air


#5 – diskoteque


#6 – Hang the DJ

Hang the DJ

#7 – Powderworks BRK


#8 – Backstage Pass NF

Backstage Pass

#9 – Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights

#10 – Amplify Personal Use Only


#11 – Zilap Geometrik

Zilap Geo

#12 – Odd Dog

Odd Dog

#13 – Start with Today

Start With Today

#14 – Raggedways Regular


#15 – Sounds Eroded

Sounds Eroded

#16 – End of the dream

End of the Dream

#17 – Diskopia 2.0

Diskopia 2.0

#18 – AlphaMusicMan

Alpha Music Ma

#19 – John Lennon

John Lennon

#20 – AnniversDemo


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