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20 Leaf Icon Vectors

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Leaves are popular among different types of designs such as web and app interfaces as well as posters and logos. It is used by a high number of companies, businesses, services and products in the lifestyle, health and wellness industries. Designers are able to use leaf icon vectors in their designs because the files are easy to use, and the icons are easy to integrate to different designs. There is also the fact that there are a wide variety of icons in vector form available for download for free on the internet, adding to the convenience of using them for projects. Check out the twenty we’ve listed below:

#1 – Herbal spa treatment leaves

Herbal spa treatment leaves

#2 – leaf


#3 – Hand holding leaves

Hand holding leaves

#4 – White plants leaves

White plants leaves

#5 – Plant leaf shape

Plant leaf shape

#6 – Leaves of a plant

Leaves of a plant

#7 – Budding leaves

Budding leaves

#8 – Leaf black shape

Leaf black shape

#9 – Leaf


#10 – Plant leaves on a hand

Plant leaves on a hand

#11 – Leaves


#12 – Hand and Sprout

Hand and Sprout

#13 – Leaf

Leaf 13

#14 – Plant


#15 – Leaves


#16 – Leaf and Drop

Leaf and Drop

#17 – Leaf

Leaf 17

#18 – Two leaves

Two leaves

#19 – Maple leaf

Maple leaf

#20 – Falling Leaf

Falling Leaf

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