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20+ jQuery Charts Plugins

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Sometime arrange your data in the visualization is the best way to present your complex statistics. Using the chart your statistics become simple and easy to understand. With the help of jQuery making chart isn’t the pain anymore for developer or designer.

In this article we share useful jQuery plugins for chart and graphic. They offer many options like Pie, Donut, line, Column, Bubble charts. Feel free to download them.

JSXGraph – more info


GraphUp jQuery Plugin – more info

jQuery Visualize Plugin – more info

Highcharts – more info

Flot – more info

jQuery Sparklines – more info

jqPlot – more info

amCharts – more info

jquery chart

jqPlot – more info

Rotated Axis Tick Labels  jqPlot

Highcharts – more info

Highcharts  Interactive JavaScript charts

JScharts – more info

JS Charts  JavaScript chart

Teechart – more info

TeeChart for JavaScript

CanvasXpress – more info

CanvasXpress  Contact

D3JS – more info

D3js  Data Driven Documents

MorrisJS – more info


DHTMLXChart – more info

Cross Browser JavaScript HTML5 Charts  dhtmlxChart

RGraph – more info


dygraphs – more info

Dygraphs JavaScript Visualization Library

Flotr2 – more info


Cubism.js – more info

Cubism js

Sigma.js – more info


AwesomeChartJS – more info


HumbleFinance – more info

Humble finance visualization

Rickshaw – more info


gRaphaël – more info


jQuery HighchartsTable – more info

JQuery HighchartsTable plugin

TufteGraph – more info

TufteGraph beautiful charts with jQuery

jQuery.Gantt – more info


Easy Pie Chart – more info

EASY PIE CHART by rendro

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