20 Gift Vector Icons

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Vector icons are great resources for designers and developers, because they are easy to work with to fit any design. These icons can be used in designs for social media, websites, apps and other creative projects. In this entry in particular, we list down twenty free gift vector icons perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s and other seasonal or holiday creations. These can also be used for e-commerce platforms. Check out the twenty vectors below:

#1 – Gift big box

Gift big box

#2 – Gift box with a bow

Gift box with a bow

#3 – Birthday giftbox sketch

Birthday giftbox sketch

#4 – present box with big bow

present box with big bow

#5 – Giftbox


#6 – Opening present box

Opening present box

#7 – Stack of gift boxes

Stack of gift boxes

#8 – Anniversary gift box outline

Anniversary gift box outline

#9 – Gift box with ribbon silhouette

Gift box with ribbon silhouette

#10 – Giftbox outline

Giftbox outline

#11 – Valentine Present

Valentine Present

#12 – Circular gift

Circular gift

#13 – Special gift with white ribbon

Special gift with white ribbon

#14 – Gift box black silhouette with ribbon

Gift box black silhouette with ribbon

#15 – Gift square box with dots and ribbon

Gift square box with dots and ribbon

#16 – Gift box dark silhouette

Gift box dark silhouette

#17 – Location gift shop

Location gift shop

#18 – Present box with ribbon

Present box with ribbon

#19 – Giftbox with stripes and ribbon

Giftbox with stripes and ribbon

#20 – Gift box in perspective

Gift box in perspective

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