20 Flame Icon Vectors

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Need to put a flame or fire element in your project? Whether you’re working on an app, a menu design or web graphics, you can make use of the twenty flame icons we have listed below. The files are free to download and are readily available! You will be able to work with the icons as you want to because they are in vector format. There are a great variety of flame icon designs available, so check them out now to see which one you can use for your project.

#1 – Fire flaming outline

Fire flaming outline

#2 – Burn


#3 – Torch with fire

Torch with fire

#4 – Fire flame

Fire flame

#5 – Fire hazard sign

Fire hazard sign

#6 – Fire double flame symbol

Fire double flame symbol

#7 – Flame shape

Flame shape

#8 – Fire black flame on a line

Fire black flame on a line

#9 – Fire gross flame black symbol

Fire gross flame black symbol

#10 – Fire flames silhouette

Fire flames silhouette

#11 – Fire over line

Fire over line

#12 – Fire


#13 – Fire flame

Fire flame13

#14 – Fire flame outline

Fire flame outline

#15 – Fire flame

Fire flame15

#16 – Flame silhouette variant

 Flame silhouette variant

#17 – Burn button

Burn button

#18 – Fire flame inside a circular outline

Fire flame inside a circular outline

#19 – Black and white flame sign

Black and white flame sign

#20 – Burn sketch

Burn sketch

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