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20 Feather Textures

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Adding texture to your work adds creativity to it if and when used appropriately. Feather textures are ideal to use on different types of art such as posters, manipulations, logos, signs and more. They provide an interesting element to your work’s aesthetic and can be used to capture the attention of people viewing your artwork. There are many textures available to choose from online, but we’ve done the work and gathered twenty feather textures which you can download and use for free. Check out the textures below and pick the one that will best suit your project:

#1 – Feather Texture

Feather Texture

#2 – texture004


#3 – TEXTURE Feathers 01_quaddles

TEXTURE Feathers 01_quaddles

#4 – Turkey Feather Texture

Turkey Feather Texture

#5 – Stock Texture- Peacock Feather

Stock Texture- Peacock Feather

#6 – Turkey Feather Texture Tile 1

Turkey Feather Texture Tile 1

#7 – Emu feather texture

Emu feather texture

#8 – Turkey Feather Texture Tile 2

Turkey Feather Texture Tile 2

#9 – Feather texture – Pack

Feather texture - Pack

#10 – Feather texture

Feather texture 10

#11 – Texture 87

Texture 87

#12 – Feather Texture Vampstock

Feather Texture Vampstock

#13 – Feather III

Feather III

#14 – feather stock – Cyan

feather stock - Cyan

#15 – feather stock – pale yellow

feather stock - pale yellow

#16 – Feather Texture

Feather Texture 16

#17 – Feathered Texture

Feathered Texture

#18 – Feather II

Feather II

#19 – Stock Texture – Peacock Feathers

Stock Texture - Peacock Feathers

#20 – peacock texture

peacock texture

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