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20 Creative Pizza Logo Inspiration

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Restaurants and other food businesses (like any other company) rely on their logos to cement their identity. There are many establishments out there that have been using creative logos to represent themselves to their market. When creating a logo for a client or your own company, it may be hard to know where to start.

The important thing is to capture the image you want to associate with your product and services. For example, some pizzerias choose to include a brick oven in their logo.

There are many other examples, and we have listed down twenty below:

#1 – Olivo


#2 – El Castillo Azul

El Castillo Azul

#3 – High Gear Pizza

High Gear Pizza

#4 – Vertice Pizzeria & Cafe

Vertice Pizzeria & Cafe

#5 – Nemo Pizza

Nemo Pizza

#6 – Giovanni’s Authentic Italian Logo

Giovanni's Authentic Italian Logo

#7 – Pizza time

Pizza time

#8 – Pitch Pizzeria alt

Pitch Pizzeria Alt

#9 – Alfonso’s Pizzaria

Alfonso's Pizzaria

#10 – primos pizza

primos pizza

#11 – Tour De Pizza

Tour De Pizza

#12 – Papa’s Pizza Cafe

Papa's pizza cafe

#13 – Toris Pizza

Toris Pizza

#14 – “Kamala” resturant logo design & identity


#15 – Francesco’s Pizzeria

Francesco's Pizzeria

#16 – Cult Pizza

Cult Pizza

#17 – Yellow Chili Pizza

Yellow Chili Pizza

#18 – Identidade Visual – La Madonna Pizzaria

Identidade Visual - La Madonna Pizzaria



#20 – Samurai Pizza

Samurai Pizza

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