20 Creative Newspaper Logo Inspiration

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Many newspapers today have branched out to online platforms, and with the many startups appearing left and right, there are also a huge number of modern media companies venturing into online news. For both online and traditional newspapers, the logo is an important element. It is usually what appears on top of every page, and it represents the news source in all ways. As such, it can clearly be seen how older newspapers have a more traditional logo compared to modern newspapers that have a mostly-online presence. In this entry, we list down twenty logos of newspapers and media outlets that can inspire you:

#1 – TQ Conceptual

TQ Conceptual

#2 – Gremi Media

Gremi Media

#3 – The Press

The Press

#4 – Rocket News

Rocket News

#5 – Central Times

Central Times

#6 – Wine News

Wine News

#7 – Liberty news

Liberty news

#8 – Todays News Post

Todays News Post

#9 – The Milk

The Milk

#10 – The Melbourne Globalist

The Melbourne Globalist

#11 – talk times

talk times

#12 – le canard social (online news site)

le canard social (online news site)

#13 – Inovest


#14 – Tribuna Nacional

Tribuna Nacional

#15 – E-Edition Logo

E-Edition Logo

#16 – seller meller

seller meller

#17 – Banca do Cid

Banca do Cid

#18 – Newspaper (Novine)

Newspaper (Novine)

#19 – R&O PRESS


#20 – The Lost Economist

The Lost Economist

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