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20 Creative Lemon Logos

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Lemons in logos convey a fresh, fun and zesty personality. If you are working on a logo for a client that is looking to embody those qualities, there is a possibility that a lemon logo would be right for them. Lemon logos are also great for representing good health and organic food, and this is why they are a popular choice among restaurants and food and drink products that want to be associated with those. There are many design aesthetics that work well with lemon logos, and you can see some of them below in the list of twenty creative logos that we have chosen to give you inspiration on your new project:

#1 – Zielona Cytryna

Zielona Cytryna

#2 – LEMON Restaurant

LEMON Restaurant

#3 – Fruit Labs

Fruit Labs

#4 – Lemon Stats

Lemon Stats

#5 – Lemon Monkey

Lemon Monkey

#6 – The Sliced Lemon

The Sliced Lemon

#7 – Potion Factory

potion factory

#8 – Lemon


#9 – Whisky


#10 – freshweb


#11 – Lemon Effect

Lemon Effect

#12 – Lucky Lemon Glass

Lucky Lemon Glass

#13 – Lemon Computing

Lemon Computing

#14 – Lemon Press

Lemon Press

#15 – Hypnotic Lemon

Hypnotic Lemon

#16 – Lemon Aid

Lemon Aid

#17 – Dramatic Lemon

Dramatic Lemon

#18 – slicedlemon films

slicedlemon films

#19 – Green & Tonic

Green & Tonic

#20 – LemonBros Films

Lemon bros

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