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20 Creative Guitar Logos

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Musical instruments are a popular choice for companies, businesses or individuals who produce goods or services involving music. Aside from music production companies and people who play instruments, logos showcasing a musical instrument are a common choice for businesses that mix music with other industries. For example, a restaurant that specializes in having a certain type of vibe through music can also incorporate a musical instrument in its logo. In this way, the market or audience easily identifies the value proposition of the brand.

If you’re designing a logo for client that would like to have a musical instrument in its logo, you can consider designing a logo with a guitar. To give you inspiration, here are twenty creative guitar logos:

#1 – SargamJassu_com


#2 – Bree Sounds Studio

Bree Sounds Studio



#4 – Thermoguitar


#5 – Carmanah Band

Carmanah Band

#6 – rhythm-on-fire


#7 – Rockin the Kitchen

Rockin the Kitchen

#8 – Road Music

Road Music

#9 – Plano B

Plano B

#10 – 21 studio

21 studios

#11 – Artmosphere Bistro

Artmosphere Bistro

#12 – Vive Fiesta Latindy

Vive Fiesta Latindy

#13 – Avocadoville Music

Avocadoville Music

#14 – Grey Audio Logo

Grey Audio Logo

#15 – Vibez


#16 – Renato Albanez

Renato Albanez

#17 – JAM

Radio JAM

#18 –

#19 – Gale


#20 – Dimmi Records

Dimmi Records

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