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20 Creative Flame Logos

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Flames often represent, among other qualities, passion, new ideas, life and rebirth. Companies who choose to brand themselves which these and related qualities can consider having a flame logo to represent them. If you are designing for a client, keep in mind the color scheme for the logo. Typically, flame logos are in orange or red, although some have been designed in different schemes that are more suited to certain brands. If you are unsure of how to start or proceed with creating a flame logo, you can draw inspiration from the different flame logos that have been uploaded by creative designers who want to share their work. Check out the twenty we have listed below now:

#1 – Flamelab


#2 – ArtFlame


#3 – Sochef


#4 –  Ember Studio

Ember Studio

#5 – Dercum’s Research

Dercum's Research

#6 – Burnout Games

Burnout Games

#7 – Ignition


#8 – Sinchi Oil

Sinchi Oil

#9 – Sun Music

Sun Music

#10 – pixelflame


#11 – phnxBrand


#12 – Flowba


#13 – Firebox production

Firebox production

#14 – Lantern Tavern

Lantern Tavern

#15 – Gentera


#16 – The Kitchen

The Kitchen

#17 – Fuel Technology Age

Fuel Technology Age

#18 – Flameco


#19 – Morina Smart Hotel

Morina Smart Hotel

#20 – Vista Energy

Vista Energy

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