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20 Creative Fish Logos for Inspiration

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Logos are a big part of any brand. As a graphic symbol representing their company or an individual person to the general public, clients can be very particular when it comes to having a logo designed.

Logo designers have to take into consideration the wants and needs of the clients as well as the brand in addition to the aesthetic element for it to come together. If you are a designer, you can look for inspiration just about anywhere.

In this entry, we present twenty creative fish logos that you can use to jumpstart your planning for the logo you are about to design, especially if it has anything to do with fish, the sea or the beach!

#1 – Fishing


#2 – Seablings


#3 – Undersea Productions

Undersea Productions

#4 – Babelfish Legal

Babelfish Legal

#5 – Hooked (Kurper and Carp Merchants)

Hooked (Kurper and Carp Merchants)

#6 – skyfish


#7 – Three Fishes

Three Fishes

#8 – USA Reels

USA Reels

#9 – 8 Fish

8 Fish



#11 – fish freeze6

fish freeze6

#12 – cissili




#14 – GlobeFish


#15 – LionFish


#16 – The Catch All Hook Holder

The Catch All Hook Holder

#17 – Colorful Fish

Colorful Fish

#18 – CoolFish


#19 – Pescamo


#20 – Titus


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