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20 Creative Eye Logos

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There is a saying that goes, “Eyes are the windows to the soul.” In the same way, logos are the window to a brand’s soul. Most people are able to identify a company or brand through its logo. This is why designing  logos with the brand in mind is so important. In the examples below, there are multiple logos with an eye for companies that deal with eye surgery. This gives people the immediate knowledge of what the company or individual deals with and services. Other types of companies that use eye logos are related to the arts or photography. In this entry, we searched for and listed down twenty creative eye logos which you can draw inspiration from:

#1 – Picasso


#2 –

#3 – Jaymes Graphics

Jaymes Graphics

#4 – Cerveza Barrio

Cerveza Barrio

#5 – Vector logo template

Vector logo template

#6 – Imagram


#7 – Mills Eye + Facial Surgery

Mills Eye + Facial Surgery

#8 – EyeSpy


#9 – Bulls Eye

Bulls Eye

#10 – GeeGraphics


#11 – Pupil


#12 – Fish_eye


#13 – EDP


#14 – Daniel Rayman | Optometrist

Daniel Rayman | Optometrist

#15 – Client Guide

Client Guide

#16 – Frumage


#17 – Orion Residences

Orion Residences

#18 – photolook


#19 – Shuttereye


#20 – Carezma


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