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20 Creative Event Management Logos

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There are many ways you can separate yourself and your business from the other players in the industry. One of them is through your logo. In the events management industry, many choose to have the name of the company on the logo as well as an identifying image. This helps the audience or market know right away that the company or business deals with events and also helps with name recall for the brand. Designing a logo for an event management company or agency can be quite the challenge, and we are here to help you by giving you a list of twenty creative event management logos that will inspire you and get your creative juices flowing again.

#1 – Anditis


#2 – asoka group

asoka group

#3 – EPAS


#4 – Mera


#5 – Sharon_Roest_Events


#6 – FamilyHouse


#7 – Paul Kirkegaard

Paul Kirkegaard

#8 – Marie Lauren

Marie Lauren

#9 – Hughes & Walker

Hughes & Walker



#11 – Big Jack

Big Jack

#12 – Bend Reality Agency

Bend Reality Agency

#13 – PS event

PS event

#14 – Moonik


#15 – mammoth event

mammoth event

#16 – Glow Group

Glow Group

#17 – Moth&Rose


#18 – SD event production

SD event production

#19 – Triple Solutions

Triple Solutions

#20 – Dream Merchants

Dream Merchants

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