20 Creative Elephant Logos

in Logo/Web Design

Elephants are known for their wisdom and strength. If you have a client that wants to embody those qualities, you can consider creating an elephant logo for them. There are many different ways to incorporate an elephant into a logo. You can use it as part of, beside or above the company name, or you can have the logo made up of just the elephant. Designers who have used elephants in logos have done it using different styles, from illustration to polygon art.

If creating an elephant logo is sounding great to you right now, it’s the perfect time for you to take a look at the twenty creative elephant logos we have chosen and listed below:

#1 – Memory Lock

Memory Lock

#2 – Mammo


#3 – Elephant Mark

Elephant mark

#4 – Pink Elephant Weddings

Pink Elephant Weddings

#5 – Elephant


#6 – Twenty LLC

Twenty LLC

#7 – Lphantastic


#8 – Street Market

Street Market

#9 – Constellatio


#10 – Design Bigger

Design Bigger

#11 – The English Language Academy

The English Language Academy

#12 – Gaaneesh


#13 – Dwillo


#14 – Goliath


#15 – The Frozen Elephant

The Frozen Elephant

#16 – Choolah Indian Grill

Choolah Indian Grill

#17 – Creative Dreams International

Creative Dreams International

#18 – Biozones Logo

Biozones Logo

#19 – Anyway Entertainment

Anyway Entertainment

#20 – Elephant Beanbags

Elephant Beanbags

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