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20 Creative Dragon Logos

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Different individuals and companies choose the image of a dragon for their logo for different reasons. Some choose it because the dragon can symbolize tradition, strength and excellence. It is a popular choice for Asian businesses, as the dragon is often associated with the culture of that region. There are many types of companies that use the dragon as its logo, from restaurants to craft shops and even tech companies.

This shows that it can be very versatile. Since the dragon is considered to be a very traditional image, the logos that include it tend to be on the sophisticated and classic end of the spectrum, although there are some who have used it in a more modern way. Here are some dragon logos to inspire you in creating your own:

#1 – Michael Austin Productions

Michael Austin Productions

#2 – Bike Dragons

Bike Dragons

#3 – Dragon


#4 – Viet Long

Viet Long

#5 – What’s up Hong Kong

What's up Hong Kong

#6 – Dragon

Dragon 6

#7 – Draco’s


#8 – islife


#9 – dragonshark


#10 – Vinaculture


#11 – Hydra


#12 – Dracko Unlimited

Dracko Unlimited

#13 – Dragon

Dragon 13

#14 – Dragon Creative Talking

Dragon Creative Talking

#15 – two dragons

two dragons

#16 – Dragon’s Forge

Dragon's Forge

#17 – Sparx


#18 – Noodle’s Noodles

Noodle's Noodles

#19 – Ajibtarin


#20 – Skydragon


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