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20 Creative Diamond Logos

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If you are on the track to create a logo for a brand that wants an elegant and classy, you can consider incorporating a diamond into your logo. A logo is a representation of the company, brand or individual, so it is important that it is design with the needs and wants of the client in mind. Having a diamond logo is a great choice not only for jewelers or other jewelry-related products and services but as well as companies or individuals who want their services and products to be seen as beautiful and unique. Get inspired in this entry by checking out twenty creative diamond logos listed below:

#1 – Alucinarium


#2 – Belle Fisio

Belle Fisio

#3 – Jewel’s Flowers

Jewel's Flowers

#4 – ALMAZ


#5 – The Diamond Beauty

The Diamond Beauty

#6 – Diamond Ranch

Diamond Ranch

#7 – Diamond Express

Diamond Express

#8 – Pulicristal


#9 – Luxe Gems Logo

Luxe Gems

#10 – Diamond Pen

Diamond Pen

#11 – Diamonds II Logo

Diamonds II Logo

#12 – Foxy Diamond Logo

Foxy Diamond Logo

#13 – Die Black Diamond

Die Black Diamond

#14 – Diamond and Dressler

Diamond and Dressler

#15 –  Diamant


#16 – My Diamond Basket

My Diamond Basket

#17 – Black Diamond

Black Diamond

#18 – Louis Denis

Louis Denis

#19 – Elephant Diamond

Elephant Diamond

#20 – Kiwi Diamond

Kiwi Diamond

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