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20 Creative Chocolate Packaging Designs

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Packaging design is a vital part for any product. Creating a good design for a product can be a way to capture the attention and interest of the consumer.

In recent years, product and packaging designers have set a higher bar for this type of design. Some are classic, some are edgy, and some are extra bold. Take into consideration what your client wants, and create your best packaging design yet.

If you need inspiration, there are many resources that can give it to you, such as the twenty creative chocolate packaging designs we have listed below:

#1 – Equiori Chocolate

Equiori Chocolate

#2 – ELEMENT – Chocolate Packaging

ELEMENT - Chocolate Packaging

#3 – Rude Chocolate

Rude Chocolate

#4 – Theo Chocolate Packaging Design

Theo Chocolate Packaging Design

#5 – Chocolates With Attitude

Chocolates with Attitude

#6 – Typographic Chocolate

Typographic Chocolate

#7 – Mason & Co Chocolates

Mason Co Chocolates

#8 – Sabadì


#9 – Chocolate – concept

Chocolate - concept

#10 – Hypnotik Chocolate

Hypnotik Chocolate

#11 – NAKAO


#12 – Chocolate Packaging

Chocolate Packaging

#13 – Salzburg Chocolate Werks

Salzburg Chocolate Werks

#14 – Raw Halo

Raw Halo

#15 – Kiki’s Cocoa – Summer Edition

Kiki's Cocoa - Summer Edition

#16 – Chocolate Packaging For WFP 50 Years Anniversary

Chocolate Packaging For WFP 50 Years Anniversary

#17 – Lost and Found Chocolate

Lost and Found Chocolate

#18 – Trulin & Co Chocolates

Truflin and Co

#19 – Marou Chocolate Treasure Island Bar

Marou Chocolate Treasure Island Bar

#20 – Nonchalant Chocolates

Nonchalant Chocolates

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