20 Creative Cafe Logos

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Coffee shops are timeless. Recently, it has become even more popular with the craft movement. Many independent cafes are opening up and getting attention from the consumers. If you have been tasked to design a logo for a cafe, you can always look at the different elements of coffee and coffee-making to get inspiration for the logo. Also keep in mind the needs and wants of your client and their brand, and you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect logo for their cafe.

Want to see what’s been done for cafes before? Check out the twenty creative cafe logos we listed down in this entry:

#1 – Orivor Coffee Roasters

Oriver Coffee Roasters

#2 – Coffee Box

Coffee Box

#3 – Blue Grass

Blue Grass

#4 – Star Splash Coffee

Star splash coffee

#5 – Stormi Ti

Stormi Ti

#6 – Cafe Logo

Cafe logo

#7 – Greca Cafe Bistro

Greca Cafe Bistro

#8 – Koko


#9 – First City Cafe

First City Cafe

#10 – Coffee Machine Logo

Coffee Machine Logo

#11 – Primitive Cafe

Primitive Cafe

#12 – Pleasure Coffee Logo

Pleasure Coffee Logo

#13 – Kettles On Cafe

Kettles On Cafe

#14 – Draughts


#15 – Hola


#16 – Caffe Artigiano

Caffe Artigiano

#17 – Cafe 422

Cafe 422

#18 – The Coffee Trike

The Coffee Trike

#19 – Carrie’s Cafe

Carrie's Cafe

#20 – English Cafe

English Cafe

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