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20 Creative Bus Stop Designs

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For commuters everywhere, a bus stop is a place that you just pass by everyday, hopefully keeping you safe from the sun, rain, snow and any other elements.

In these modern times, designers are able to keep the functionality of the bus stop while providing great aesthetics to the urban backdrop. Popular concepts nowadays include environmentally friendly materials, interactive elements and a minimalist feel.

Are you ready to see some of the creative ideas for bus stops? You can check out twenty amazing bus stop designs featured below:

#1 – B_Stop


#2 – lucency bus stop

lucency bus stop

#3 – HAVEN | New generation bus shelter

HAVEN | New generation bus shelter

#4 – Coca-Cola Bus stop

Coca-Cola Bus stop

#5 – Bus Shelter – The Good Journey

Bus Shelter - The Good Journey

#6 – Ponto e bancos de ônibus circulares – Campinas – SP

Ponto e bancos de ônibus circulares - Campinas - SP=

#7 –  TRE Bus_Bike_Kiosk

TRE² Bus_Bike_Kiosk



#9 – BUS SHELTER – Spatial Design Project

Bus Shelter Spatial

#10 – Green bus stop project

Green bus stop project

#11 – CNU


#12 – SO67 bus stop


#13 – Bus stop design – concept 2013

Bus Stop design concept 2013

#14 – Green Wave Bus Stop

Green Wave

#15 – bus stop

bus stop

#16 – Bus Stop Ideation

bus stop ideation

#17 – Marquesina OLA

marquesina ola

#18 – Bus Stop 2013

bus stop 2013

#19 – Bus/Tram Shelter Concept

bus tram shelter concept

#20 – Bus stop (Aanza) – EUCOR contest

bus stop aanza

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