20 Creative Book Logos

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Different groups, companies and institutions use a book as an element in their respective logos: coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, book review websites, schools or educational services and different clubs dedicated to literacy and reading. If you are planning to use a book in your logo, you have to think about how you will do it. Since many companies or groups already have it incorporated in their logos, you have to think about using it in a creative way in order to stand out from the crowd, especially since a logo is used to identify a certain brand or image. To get you started on ideas, we have searched for and listed down twenty creative book logos:

#1 – Book Cover Cafe

Book Cover Cafe

#2 – Libraria David

Libraria David

#3 – Book Binding

Book Binding

#4 – Free-ebooks.net


#5 – Designer’s Book

Designer's Book

#6 – Book Shark

Book Shark

#7 – Book Club

Book Club

#8 – growshare


#9 – Smartbook


#10 – Bookworm


#11 – Read And Sell

Read And Sell

#12 – African Library

African Library

#13 – Bookvamp


#14 – Student Siding Cleaning

Student Siding Cleaning

#15 – PigeonBooks


#16 – JournalWays


#17 – Maya


#18 – book home

book home

#19 – Idea Book

Idea Book

#20 – Book House

Book House

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