20 Creative Ant Logos

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Ants are hardworking creatures, and when banded together, a powerful and strong team. If you want your company or business to be branded with these qualities, you can take into consideration having an ant logo. Just like ant species vary from each other, there is also a wide range of companies or businesses that choose to have an ant as its logo. In the group of logos below, there are some belonging to creative businesses, while some belong to tech companies. There is even one that belongs to a brewery! Take a look at the twenty creative ant logos listed below for inspiration:

#1 – AntSound Logo

AntSound Logo

#2 – Ant


#3 – AntInvasion


#4 – Sweeper Ant

Sweeper Ant

#5 – NKB Group

NKB Group

#6 – Anternet – The net army ants

Anternet - The net army ants

#7 – Savant


#8 – Tiny Big Studio Ant

Tiny Big Studio An

#9 – Ant

Ant 9

#10 – Primia (2008) Controle de Pragas

Primia (2008) Controle de Pragas

#11 – Anthill


#12 – Red Ant Martial Arts Studio

Red Ant Martial Arts Studio

#13 – Ant Brewery Logo

Ant Brewery Logo

#14 – MypaWay


#15 – Angry Ants rock band logo

Angry Ants

#16 – Ant Geek Logo

Ant Geek Logo

#17 – Ant Media Studio

Ant Media Studio

#18 – Ant Kraft logo design concept

Ant Kraft logo design concept

#19 – Sticky Ants Branding

Sticky Ants Branding

#20 – Furnica Express

Furnica Express


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