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20 Cool Seafood Logos for Inspiration

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Logos are everywhere! Companies, businesses and individuals use logos to establish the identity they want to portray to the public. Because of this, great importance is placed on logos and those tasked to design them have to think about how to create a design that represents their clients’ brands.

If you are looking for inspiration while planning on how to design a logo, you are in luck, because most design resources are easily accessible today through the internet. For example, there are many logos online that you can draw inspiration from.

We have listed twenty logos for inspiration below, all with the theme of “seafood”. Take a look:

#1 – El Recodo (Local Seafood Restaurant)

El Recodo

#2 – BoxCrab


#3 – Seafood Cafe

 Seafood Cafe

#4 – Sushi Girl

Sushi Girl

#5 – Octopus Sushi

Octopus Sushi

#6 – Salmon Seafood

Salmon Seafood

#7 – Škampi na žaru / Scampi on the Grill

Škampi na žaru

#8 – Lobster House

Lobster House

#9 – Octofork


#10 – Surf Side Seafood Products

Surf Side Seafood Products

#11 – Sushi House

Sushi Hosue

#12 – Mermaid Chef option

Mermaid Chef

#13 – La Boqueria

La Boqueria

#14 – Smokey’s Fish-House

Smokey's Fish-House

#15 – Prawn Market

Prawn Market

#16 – AQAMAR


#17 – Shark Bites

Shark Bites

#18 – Blue Water Bay Seafood

Blue Water Bay Seafood

#19 – Lobstar


#20 – Squid and Seaweed

Squid and Seaweed

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