20 Cool Hotel Logos for Inspiration

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Artists have many influences when creating their art. If you are about to start designing a logo, particularly one for a hotel, resort, apartment hotel or similar client, you can draw inspiration from these logos. In this entry, we list down twenty cool hotel logos that are guaranteed to spark your creativity and ideas, allowing you to design the perfect logo that your client will use to brand its business and engage its consumers. From clean and modern aesthetics to a more traditional vibe, the styles of these logos are timeless! Check them out today:

#1 – Bed & Breakfast Santa Maria del Fiore

Bed & Breakfast Santa Maria del Fiore

#2 – Harmony Resort

Harmony Resort

#3 – Rosevia Resort

Rosevia Resort

#4 – Magestic Hotel and Spa Resort

Magestic Hotel and Spa Resort

#5 – Rosevia Resort

Rosevia Resort 2

#6 – Royal Banyan Hotel

Royal Banyan Hotel

#7 – Sands Boutique hotel

Sands Boutique hotel

#8 – Serpeika


#9 – knockout hotels

knockout hotels

#10 – Heritage Home Apartments

HeritageHome Apartments

#11 – Hotel logo

Hotel logo

#12 – Podzamcze Hotel&Restaurant

Podzamcze Hotel&Restaurant

#13 – Oscar’s Bed & Breakfast

Oscar's Bed & Breakfast

#14 – Climb Inn Tree House Resort

Climb Inn Tree House Resort

#15 – E Hotels

E Hotels

#16 – Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel

#17 – Soldaya


#18 – 4 Hours

4 hours

#19 – Hotel Ventur

hotel ventur

#20 – Hotel Embajadores del Mar

hotel embajadores

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