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20 Cool Handwritten Logos for Inspiration

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Handwritten logos are perfect for brands who identify themselves as approachable and personable. Serving as a representation of a brand’s identity, a handwritten logo can add a more personal touch to what will serve as a company or individual’s visual signature.

They are usually popular for iconic brands, although in recent years, handwritten logos have been a popular choice for brands that participate in the lifestyle (clothes, food, health, etc) category, as they have used it to communicate their focus on being “real”, “human” and “unique”.

If you are interested in possibly using a handwritten logo for your clients or yourself, you have a wide range of designs to draw inspiration from. Here are twenty to get you started:

#1 – Australia


#2 – Matt Jankowski

Matt Jankowski

#3 – Inboundly


#4 – Poslednya Noch

Poslednya Noch

#5 – Melan!


#6 – flow


#7 – bkyrd


#8 – Mary’s


#9 – Mammies Kitchen

Mammies Kitchen

#10 – Zeisky


#11 – Malibu List

Malibu List

#12 – James Finch Photography

James Finch

#13 – Trote Bag

Trote Bag

#14 – Ivya Photography and Design


#15 – Amber van Amsterdam 2

Amber van Amsterdam2

#16 – dphotofolio


#17 –

#18 – Nandita Jhaveri

Nandita Jhaveri

#19 – Craft


#20 – Vulpes Vulpes

Vulpes Vulpes

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