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20 Cool Fruit Logos for Inspiration

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Fruit logos are popular among food and drink businesses and companies, although the arguably most popular business that uses a fruit as its logo is in the tech industry: Apple.

This and various other companies prove that fruit logos are not just for food and drink businesses, as it can also be used for non-profit companies, charity groups, mobile apps, personal use and much much more, provided that it is used with the right context. Another thing to take into consideration is how it would represent the brand of the company or individual and how they will be able to use it in promotions and other material such as business cards or letterheads.

Here we list down twenty cool fruit logos for inspiration:

#1 – strawberry


#2 – Cherry Cloud

Cherry Cloud

#3 – JUZZ


#4 – Fruit Nook

Fruit Nook

#5 – In Season

In Season

#6 – Fruit Labs

Fruit Labs

#7 – Alma Mozgalom

Alma Mozgalom

#8 – Core


#9 – Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice

#10 – Pineapp


#11 – Logo of Produce Market

Logo of Produce Market

#12 – Limón


#13 – Orange Films

Orange Films

#14 – Frozen Berry Yogurt

Frozen Berry Yogurt

#15 – Juice


#16 – pearanalytics


#17 – Teen Chef

Teen Chef

#18 – orange empire

orange empire

#19 – Urban Apple

Urban Apple

#20 – Fair Trade Growers

Fair Trade Growers

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