20 Cool Film Logos for Inspiration

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Logos are very important to film and production houses, companies and organizations. Before a movie plays, we get to see the logos of the companies that worked on it, and through the years, there have been quite a number of iconic logos such as that of Dreamworks, with the moon and boy, and MGM, with the lion.

A popular image to incorporate in logos is that of a film strip. Other popular images are the film reel and a film player.

If you are currently working on or will be working on designing a logo for a film company, you can draw inspiration from the following logos:

#1 – Show Ticket

Show Ticket

#2 – Cube film

Cube film

#3 – Filmworks


#4 – Cinemaville


#5 – Curtis Scott Studios

Curtis Scott Studios

#6 – Creativity Film

Creativity Film

#7 – Flashlight Films

Flashlight Films

#8 – e-motions films

e-motions films

#9 – DragonFly Film Studio

DragonFly Film Studio

#10 – 9 Degrees Productions

9 degrees productions

#11 – Russian Forest Film

Russian Forest Film

#12 – National Film Museum


#13 – Square One Films

Square One Films

#14 – Feature Films

Feature Films

#15 – Diamond Film Productions

Diamond Film

#16 – Studio 8 Productions

Studio 8 productions

#17 – Elephant Film Productions

Elephant Film Productions

#18 – The Gateway Pictures

The Gateway

#19 – BlackBird


#20 – Sleek Studios

Sleek studios

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