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20 Cool Electric Fonts

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With the high number of fonts available to graphic designers and just about anyone that uses a computer, it can be hard to choose which one to use for your project, because it is well-known that fonts can either make or break a design.

Before creating your work, you will have to think about the kind of aesthetic that will fit well with the overall theme, message and style of your project.

This will let you know or realize what kind of font you want. In this entry, we show you twenty electric fonts that you can use for inspiration:

#1 – KR Electrified Font

KR Electrified Font

#2 – Aarcover Font

Aarcover Font

#3 – Furry Font

Furry Font

#4 – Richter Font

Richter Font

#5 – Jagged


#6 – Feedback BB Font

Feedback BB

#7 – Zacken font

Zacken font

#8 – Electrox Font


#9 – Zing Diddly Doo Zapped Font


#10 – ShockTherapy BB font

ShockTherapy BB font

#11 – Electramaniacal Regular

Electramaniacal Regular

#12 – In A Flash font

In A Flash font

#13 – Mad Science font

Mad Science font

#14 – Inner Flasher font

Inner Flasher font

#15 – Electric Hermes AOE font

Electric Hermes AOE font

#16 – Zeus font

Zeus font

#17 – Electrical


#18 – Electric Salsa

Electrica Salsa

#19 – Electric Butterflies

Electric Butterflies

#20 – Electric Panda

Electric Panda

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