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20 Cool Brick Textures for Photoshop

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Textures are often used in photoshop to create designs that are both interesting and creative while having a realistic feel. A designer can add texture to a design manually, which might take a significant amount of time depending. On the other hand, designers can download readily available textures provided by other designers or photographers, and this can save time for designers as they can easily integrate those resources into their designs. Bricks are a popular texture, and for this post, we searched for cool brick textures which you can download and use today. See them below:

#1 – Black Brick Wall – texture

Black Brick

#2 – Brick Textures Pack

Brick Textures Pack

#3 – brick texture

brick texture

#4 – 8 Brick Textures

8 Brick Textures

#5 – Tileable Brick texture 1 V1.2

Tileable Brick texture 1 V1.2

#6 – Bricks texture 1

Bricks texture 1

#7 – Seamless Bricks – texture

Seamless Bricks - texture

#8 – Bricks and concrete

Bricks and concrete

#9 – Texture Bundle – Brick

Texture Bundle - Brick

#10 – Brick Wall Texture

Brick Wall Texture

#11 – Brick wall texture

Brick wall texture11

#12 – Brick Texture

Brick Texture12

#13 – Texture Brick wall

Texture Brick wall

#14 – Brown Brick Texture

Brown Brick Texture

#15 – Brick Tile Textures Pack

Brick Tile Textures Pack

#16 – Brick Texture

Brick Texture16

#17 – Brick Texture

Brick Texture17

#18 – Brick Texture

Brick Texture18

#19 – Brick Texture

Brick Texture19

#20 – Seamless Brick Wall Texture

Seamless Brick Wall Texture

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