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20 Beautiful Movie Posters PSDs

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If you have been tasked to design a poster for a film or project, you know how important it is for your design to capture the interest of the target audience.

You also know how much it matters that you are able to communicate the main idea or message of your project. There are many poster designs out there that provide inspiration.

In this post, we share twenty beautiful posters that are available for download as PSD files, guaranteed to inspire you in making your own movie poster:

#1 – Film Poster Template


#2 – Movie poster template


#3 – grass background poster template psd file


#4 – Non-Profit / Charity Poster Template


#5 – summer time posters psd design template


#6 – Spring poster PSD template

Spring poster PSD template

#7 – Vector free poster geometric design

Vector free poster geometric design

#8 – Rainy Desert Movie Poster

Rainy Desert Movie Poster

#9 – Fido Movie Poster Template


#10 – The Promise Movie Poster Template

The Promise Movie Poster Template

#11 – Back To The Eighties Movie Poster


#12 – Prodigal Movie Poster Template


#13 – Adventure Movie Poster Template

Adventure Movie Poster Template

#14 – Earth movie poster template

Earth  Movie Poster Template-Image-Preview

#15 – Comedy Movie Poster Template

Comedy Movie Poster Template

#16 – Action Movie Poster Template

Action Movie Poster Template

#17 – Crime Or Horror Movie Poster

Crime Or Horror Movie Poster

#18 – Romance Movie Poster Template

Romance Movie Poster Template

#19 – Horror Movie Poster

Horror Movie Poster

#20 – Movie Poster Template

Movie Poster Template


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