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20 Battery Icon Vectors

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Most operating systems and interfaces have a battery status to display the state of a device’s power. If you’re creating a mockup design of an app, a set of batter icon vectors would be a really useful resource to have. It will allow you to choose the best one for your design, and you can also use them for other projects. In this entry we list down twenty battery icon vectors that you can download for free by clicking the link which will redirect you to Freepik. Check them out below:

#1 – Full battery status

Full battery status

#2 – Battery with a bolt

Battery with a bolt

#3 – Battery status full

Battery status full

#4 – Battery with positive and negative poles symbols

Battery with positive and negative poles symbols

#5 – Low battery

Low battery

#6 – Battery with bolt

    battery with bolt 7

#7 – Charging battery

Charging battery

#8 – Charging battery status

Charging battery status

#9 – Medium charge battery

Medium charge battery

#10 – Discharged battery interface symbol

Discharged battery interface symbol

#11 – Battery full, IOS 7 interface symbol

Battery full, IOS 7 interface symbol

#12 – Battery with positive and negative poles

Battery with positive and negative poles

#13 – Battery tool with bolt sign

Battery tool with bolt sign

#14 – Battery


#15 – Battery charging status

Battery charging status

#16 – Charging battery

Charging battery16

#17 – Full battery

Full battery

#18 – Charge electric battery

Charge electric battery

#19 – Full battery status symbol

Full battery status symbol

#20 – Discharging battery

Discharging battery

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