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20 Bamboo Textures

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Textures are a great way to add a realistic feel or interesting touch to your digital artwork. If you’re working on a design project which requires wood textures, or more specifically bamboo textures, you’re in luck because we’ve listed down twenty high quality bamboo textures that are free to download and use. Take a look at the images below and see which one would fit the piece you are currently working on or planning to create. When you’ve chosen a texture, click the link to find out more about the designer, the file and any license conditions and details that you need to know.

#1 – pretty bamboo
pretty bamboo

#2 – Woven Wicker Texture

Woven Wicker Texture

#3 – Bamboo


#4 – Bamboo Texture pattern wooden plank floor wood

Bamboo Texture pattern wooden plank floor wood

#5 – Bamboo Texture

Bamboo Texture

#6 – Bamboo Texture

bamboo texture 6

#7 – bamboo


#8 – Tied Bamboo

Tied Bamboo

#9 – Bamboo Green

Bamboo Green

#10 – Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence

#11 – Bamboo carpet -tiled

Bamboo carpet -tiled

#12 – bamboo mat texture

bamboo mat texture

#13 – bamboo fence texture

bamboo fence texture

#14 – Tan Wicker Wooden Texture

Tan Wicker Wooden Texture

#15 – Bamboo Wall

Bamboo Wall

#16 – TEXTURE – Bamboo Wall

TEXTURE - Bamboo Wall

#17 – Texture bamboo

Texture bamboo

#18 –  bamboo wood texture 1

bamboo wood texture 1

#19 – Bamboo Texture

Bamboo Texture

#20 – Bamboo

Bamboo 20

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