15 Useful WordPress Plugins For Login

in Web Design/WordPress

#1 – Login Page Designer

login page designer

As it names says, this plugin allows users to customize the appearance of his or her WordPress login page.

#2 – Custom Login Page Styler-Theme My Login

custom login page

Similar to the previous plugin, this one allows you to modify your login page to the style you want. It is useful for adapting the theme of your website to the login page to make your design consistent throughout your web pages.

#3 – Social Login, Social Sharing and Social Data Integration

social login

This 30-day free trial of a paid plugin allows users to log into their social accounts on your website, eliminating the need to create another account just for your site.

#4 – Login Dongle

login dongle

The plugin adds another layer of security using a prompt or question when logging in.

#5 – Theme My Login


Design your login according to your theme using this easy-to-use plugin!

#6 – Custom Login

custom login

Allowing you to customize the login page of any website you handle, this plugin also features extensions such as stealth login and redirects.

#7 – Login With Ajax

login with ajax

This Ajax-powered plugin features login, registration and remember/reset password options as well as redirects.

#8 – Login Security Solution

Another useful plugin, this one is an added security measure that requires strong passwords and has idle timeout and maintenance mode lockdown.

#9 – Clean Login

clean login

Display the forms you normally need on a website using this extremely useful plugin.

#10 – AccessPress Social Login Lite


Using this plugin, you can allow your visitors to login to your website using one of their social accounts.

#11 – ProfilePress – Custom Login, Registration & Password Reset Form Builder for WordPress

profile press

Create customized login forms and much more using the useful tool which features a theme shop.

#12 – Scan-to-Login

scan to login

Ever thought about using a QR code to login to a website? This plugin allows you to do just that!

#13 – WordPress Social Login

wordpress social login

Give your visitors the option to use their social accounts when commenting and using your website with this plugin.

#14 – Login Widget With Shortcode

login widget w shortcode

This simple and no-frills plugin allows users to login from the frontend.

#15 – Move Login

move login

Tighten security measures by using this plugin which changes your login url to stop bots trying to log in.

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