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15 Useful jQuery Plugins For Shopping Cart

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In the past few decades, technology has advanced so much that you can do a lot of things online that you couldn’t do before: online dating, online messaging, online class sessions… it’s no wonder that online shopping has become a norm in society today. Many people love that has tons of reviews to check out so they can make sure they´re buying the right product.

For consumers, it has many benefits, such as convenience. For sellers, it means they can reach more people than ever before. And for website designers, it means learning and mastering how to build an e-commerce website. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of resources online that can help you in maximizing the potential of an online store, such as jQuery plugins.

In this entry, we give you a list of fifteen useful jQuery plugins for shopping carts.

#1 – Vaden jQuery Drag and Drop Shopping Cart

Vaden jQuery Drag and Drop Shopping Cart

#2 – jCart


#3 – Smart Cart

smart cart

#4 – AJAX Paypal Cart JQuery Plugin

AJAX papypal

#5 – Side Shopping Cart

Side Shopping Cart

#6 – Angustore – Responsive Shopping Cart

angus store

#7 – jQuery Interactive Shopping Cart

jQuery Interactive Shopping Cart

#8 – Product Colorizer

product colorizer



#10 – Minicart.js

minicart js

#11 – simpleCart.js

simplecart js

#12 – LivelyCart – a JQuery PHP Store/Shop


#13 – NekoCart

neko cart

#14 – localStorage JCart


#15 – JQuery XML Shopping Cart

jquery xml shopping cart

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