15 Best WordPress Plugins for Rating

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Find out which rating plugin is perfect for your website! Check out the featured plugins below with short descriptions on what they can do:

#1 – YASR – Yet Another Stars Rating


Yet Another Stars Rating or YASR is ideal for review blogs or websites as it allows you and your visitors to rate, even allowing different star sets for different aspects/categories. It has an import feature for gd star rating users.

#2 – Multi Rating

Multi Rating

In addition to star ratings, this plugin also features percentage and score results with possibility for multiple criteria and questions.

#3 – Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews

Easily embed reviews and Google Rich Snippet on your website using this plugin.

#4 – Rating-Widget: Star Review System

Rating Widget

This features an easily customizable star rating system for the many different elements in a website such as posts, pages and comments.

#5 – Voting – Feelbacks plugin by Vicomi (Better than Rating-Widget & Star Rating System)

Voting - Feelbacks plugin by Vicomi

This plugin is an innovative replacement for star ratings as it asks users to rate or vote on an article using five emotions instead of stars.

#6 – Book Review


This is a plugin that is particularly for book review websites and blogs, as it allows for easy presentation of book details and reviews in addition to a star rating.

#7 – Rate this Author

Simplicity at its best. This allows visitors to rate a post’s author.

#8 – bbPress Votes

Another type of rating plugin is the “up-or-down” system, like bbPress Votes, which allows visitors to vote on topics and replies.

#9 – WP Review Bank – Best Review and Rating Sytem

WP Review Bank

A review and rating system in one, this plugin allows users to customize the look ratings and rankings.

#10 – Plugin Reviews

Plugin Reviews

This allows you to easily feature your reviews on your website.

#11 – Author hReview

Author hReview

Another ideal plugin for those running a review website or blog, this shows ratings and reviews by the author.

#12 – Advanced Post Type Ratings

Advanced Post Type Ratings

This gives users the ability to rate all types of posts on a website.

#13 – Resource Review

This plugin allows you to create custom posts with review sections with their own star ratings and will give an overall star rating average for the total sections in a custom post.

#14 – Thumbs Rating

Thumbs Rating

A plugin that is simple to use and understand for both the website owner/manager and the audience.

#15 – Comment Rating Field Plugin

Comment Rating

With a rating field at the end of the comment form, this plugin is ideal for authors needing feedback from their audience.

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