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10 Useful WordPress Watermark Plugins

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Bloggers and website owners who want to keep their original content protected have a variety of resources available to them. There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress directory, so to help you in searching for the perfect plugin to use, here are ten useful WordPress watermark plugins:

#1 – watermark 


This plugin allows users to apply their watermark on new images plus previously uploaded images. The plugin does not actually modify the image files, so you can still recover your images if you want the watermark removed. This plugin uses an image watermark.

#2 – Easy Watermark 

Easy Watermark

Watermark your photos using image, text or both. The plugin can automatically add watermark to images or allow the users to manually add it to a single image.


#3 – Watermark RELOADED 

Watermark RELOADED

Create your own watermark using different fonts and colors. This plugin allows you to make a watermark and apply it to your images. It also has a time option to switch off watermarking.


#4 – Image Watermark

Image Watermark

This plugin has features such as bulk watermarking, disabling right mouse click on images and others to fully address your watermark needs.


#5 – Smart Watermark 

Smart Watermark

With live preview using this plugin, you can add watermark to images uploaded in your library as well as restore originals.


#6 – Imaguard 

Aside from adding watermark to your images, this plugin has additional measures to protect your images by letting you set a whitelist of sites who you allow to view your images.


#7 – WordPress Watermark Processor 

Wordpress Watermark Processor

Watermark any image on the host with unlimited watermarks from this plugin. This is useful for those using NextGEN Gallery on their wordpress blogs as it has native support for that plugin.


#8 – Premium Watermark for WordPress 

Premium Watermark for WordPress

Simple and easy to use, you can choose from image or text watermark using this plugin. It also has the option to exclude images and files from watermarking.


#9 – WaterWoo PDF Plugin 

WaterWoo PDF Plugin

This is a useful tool for watermarking PDF downloads. Watermark can be applied to all pages.


#10 – CyberProjekt Image Watermark

The plugin has settings from position, size, color, transparency and more for your watermark.

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