10 Useful WordPress Plugins For Wiki Website

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Among the wide variety of available plugins for WordPress websites, an interesting kind that website designers and developers can use is the many different Wikipedia plugins. In this post, we showcase ten plugins in three categories, which are Create, Display and Others. Custom templates are also available at WebDesign499 web design company.

The first major category that Wiki WordPress plugins come in is Create. These plugins allow users to create their own fully functioning wiki. Most of these plugins are easy to use and allow you to conveniently manage your content through wiki post types.

#1 – Wiki


#2 – Yada Wiki

Yada Wiki

#3 – Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki


In this next category, we present plugins that Display pages, quotes, excerpts and the like from Wikipedia and other wikis through widgets or just using embed features.

#4 – RDP Wiki-Press Embed

#5 – Wiki Embed

#6 – WelcomeWiki Lite

WelcomeWiki Lite

#7 – Wikipedia for tag pages

#8 – Wikipedia Anniversaries

Wikipedia Anniversaries

Based on their features, the last two plugins don’t belong to any of the two categories, but they fit right in in the Others category.

#9 – Wiki Menus

Unique feature: Generation of a wiki-style menu based on the headings of a page

#10 – Wikipedia Widget

Unique feature: a Wiki search-formular and the results at the sidebar

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