10 Useful Tools For Designing Mockups

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Showing clients and team mates ideas on paper is a thing of the past. These days, there are many tools available online for free or for a price that can help you with creating mockups of websites and mobile or tablet apps. Also, there are online tools for online ads are being directed to the landing pages the web visitors could arrive at — better look for Leadpages Alternatives. These mockup tools go beyond the typical creation of what the websites or apps are supposed to look like, because they also give viewers a feel of the interface, as users are able to create prototypes or functional wireframes. Most of the available tools also offer a collaborative space for users and their teams to create what they have in mind. Some of them also offer other sharing capabilities so you can freely link and send your mockup or prototype to your clients the moment they want it. Check out ten incredibly useful tools for designing mockups below:

#1 – Jumpchart


#2 – iPlotz


#3 – Axure


#4 – iPhone Mockup

iPhone Mockup

#5 – frame box


#6 – Mockabilly


#7 – pidoco


#8 – Balsamiq


#9 – Mockingbird


#10 – Mockup Builder

Mockup Builder


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