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10 Useful PHP Weather Scripts

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Setting up a website that needs to display weather? We have an easy solution! PHP weather scripts have the ability to show the weather forecast or current weather on your website. Get to choose between different metrics. You can also choose to display the weather for a specific location. Another option is for the script to display the real-time location of your visitor through location services. These PHP scripts are useful in enhancing user experience, so make sure to check the ones we have listed below to see which PHP weather script is the one to use for your site. Each one is easy to use, and you will be able to show the weather how you want to in just a few steps.

#1 – Weather Hero – GeoIP weather forecast widget

Weather Hero - GeoIP weather forecast widget

#2 – PHP Weather Forecast Script

PHP Weather Forecast Script

#3 – PHP Weather Forecast

PHP Weather Forecast

#4 – All Weather

All Weather

#5 – PHP Weather Script

PHP Weather Script

#6 – Full Weather Page V2

Full Weather Page V2

#7 – Weather Widget One – Standalone

Weather Widget One - Standalone

#8 – php Material Weather

php Material Weather

#9 – Simple Weather System

Simple Weather System

#10 – Weather PHP Script

Weather PHP Script

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