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10 Useful PHP Scripts For Blog

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Starting a blog or already have one? Here are PHP ten scripts that you can use!

Scripts for creating a blog – These scripts are great for those who are just starting out. They instantly create a blog for you from scratch (or in the case of #3, transform a regular website into a blog). They feature admin panels that will help you in maintaing your blog. Additionally, they feature themes or templates and generally allow users full control over how the blog looks and feels.

#1 – PHP Multi-Author Blog Script

PHP MultiAuthor Blog Script

#2 – Blogger+


#3 – PhpBlogifier


Content Management System – Just like the heading suggests, these scripts are great for organizing the content on your blog. These scripts are SEO friendly and allow website owners to manage pages, posts, comments, categories and so much more.

#4 – Blog Manager Module for CMS pro

Blog Manager Module for CMS pro

#5 – ACMS content management system

ACMS content management system

#6 – E-BLOG – New Definition Of Blog

E-BLOG New Definition Of Blog

#7 – phpBlog – Powerful Blog CMS

phpBlog - Powerful Blog CMS

#8 – jCMS v 1.1 – The Powerful Content Managment System


#9 – Sky Define CMS – Content Management System

Sky Define CMS - Content Management System

Content Generation  – The script we have listed below allows you to generate content for your blog in one simple step through RSS feeds. It automatically updates your blog’s content through the feed and is also SEO friendly.

#10 – Autoblog – effortless blog posting.


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