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10 Useful PHP Quiz Scripts

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These PHP scripts allow you to create quizzes for your website. Whether you want quizzes to be a feature on your site or the main focus, these useful tools are easy to install and are available for your use once you download the one you choose. The ten scripts we have listed below are among the highest rated or most bought scripts for quizzes, and depending which one you choose, you can create trivia quizzes, personality quizzes and even full examinations! These tools are a great way to get your content viral, because most of them have sharing capabilities that will allow users who take your quizzes to immediately share their results on popular social networking platforms. Check out the what we’ve listed below to get started on choosing the right script for your website:

#1 – QuizTap — premium quiz web app


#2 – SocioQuiz – Viral Quiz website with Facebook login


#3 – Facebook Viral Quiz Website with Admin Panel

Facebook Viral Quiz Website with Admin Panel

#4 – Digi Online Examination System – DOES

Digi Online Examination System - DOES

#5 – MinorSchool Online Examination System MCQ


#6 – Rocketeer – Viral Media Content, Quizzes and Polls

Rocketeer - Viral Media Content, Quizzes and Polls

#7 – Test Your IQ

Test Your IQ

#8 – Jqcm – Premium Responsive Quiz Engine

Jqcm - Premium Responsive Quiz Engine

#9 – PHP Solve Quiz and Unlock Content

Open Quiz

#10 – Open Quiz

PHP Solve Quiz

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