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10 Useful PHP Photo Gallery Scripts

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Photo galleries are great additions to different types of websites such as portfolios, social networking sites, photo sharing sites and art-focused platforms. There are different ways you can incorporate a photo gallery onto your website, and one of them is by using PHP scripts. These scripts allow you to manage (add, delete, etc.) and display the photos you want to showcase on your website. Some scripts also allow a collaborative interface where multiple users can add to the gallery. Finding the appropriate script to use on your site is easy! We have listed down ten PHP photo gallery scripts below, which you can check out now to see if it fits the needs of your website.

#1 – php Gallery Manager

php Gallery Manager

#2 – Auto Photo Albums – Multi Level Image Grid

Auto Photo Albums – Multi Level Image Grid

#3 – Easy Gallery (no database required)

Easy Gallery (no database required)

#4 – Website Gallery (with Slider & Facebook Support)

Website Gallery (with Slider & Facebook Support)

#5 – Sleek Gallery

Sleek Gallery

#6 – Dead Simple Gallery

Dead Simple Gallery

#7 – LightBox PHP

LightBox PHP

#8 – PHP Auto Gallery

PHP Auto Gallery

#9 – MadeSimple Photo/Video Gallery: Standalone or site Add-on

MadeSimple PhotoVideo Gallery Standalone or site Add-on

#10 – photowall


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